Backstreet Boys Tickets

It is difficult to look at the Backstreet Boys as "boys" when they have been in the music scene for over 20 years. Formed in Florida in 1993, the group has enjoyed tremendous success and made the transition from "boy band" to full blown contemporary rock group. They were out of the spotlight for a short time, but have just recorded a new album and are doing a world tour to mark its release. Their "In A World Like This" tour begins in early August and runs through September. (read more below)

Backstreet Boys Tour Dates:

Few bands of this kind can withstand the tests of time, but the Backstreet Boys have seemed to continually regroup and redefine themselves. Their success could be said to be due to their work ethic. Billboard magazine quotes them as saying that "We always want to top our previous albums...All five of us were determined to create an album where every song could be a single."

This desire to always do better is what kept their heads level during their years of true super stardom. The band has seen its share of extreme trials with one of the original members departing for several years, but returning in 2011 to work on a studio album.

For their 20th anniversary they recorded their "In A World Like This" album that is slated to be released in the summer of 2013.

This album promises to retain the vocal harmonies that are what have made so many people such dedicated fans of the group. After all, this group focused a lot of their energies on working in "a capella" in order to dodge any accusations of typical boy band lip syncing and fakery. They have continually proven themselves to be top of the line performers and artists.

Though they are no longer focusing on their R&B style of earlier years, their music still has a contemporary edge. They continually refresh their sound and their later work seems to be a return to earlier electronic and pop styles.

The band has eight albums to date and an amazingly long list of awards. These include Grammy Award nominations, American Music Awards, Teen Choice awards, MTV honors, and much more. They have toured an impressive twelve times and have seen many of their singles go platinum.

If a boy band can reach 20 years old it can be called a classic, and that is exactly what Backstreet Boys can now claim to be too.