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Out of the progressive shifts in music during the 1990s, a lot of unique sounds emerged, and one of the most recognizable is the sound of the Dave Matthews Band. Long known as a summertime touring band, the group started will begin their 2014 tour on May 16th at The Woodlands Pavilion in Spring, TX and the tour will conclude on September 6th at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, CA.

It is often a surprise to fans of Dave Matthews Band to hear that lead singer, Dave Matthews himself was raised in South Africa and came to the United States when it was feared he would be drafted in a pro-apartheid government. 

It was only as recently as 1990 when Dave Matthews decided to begin performing and recording music. He put together a band and was already in a studio by early 1991. By 1994, the band would make a studio album (though their first live album had been recorded a year earlier). 

At this time, it was the era of college campus music, meaning that a lot of bands would garner popularity with the college student population before going mainstream. During this time the Dave Matthews Band began the habit of allowing audience members to freely record and share their concert materials - a practice still in place.

The Dave Matthews Band was one of the most immediately successful campus bands, but with their first studio album released, the song "Crash" grabbed immediate and national attention. Rolling Stone magazine points out that it was not until the turn of the century that Dave Matthews began using an electric guitar during his performances, and this shows exactly how the band has evolved over time. The untimely death of a founding member has also led to a shift in style and sound, but the band's following has not diminished in any way.

They have eight studio albums under their collective belt, with more than twice that in live albums. They have won a large number of awards, including Grammy Awards, MTV awards, and American Music Awards among others. The band also has an attitude that is pro-charity and this has inspired their many listeners to take social action in many ways. The band frequently donates tremendous sums of money towards different charities and programs as well. They are also always involved in almost all benefit concerts following any sort of disaster or event.

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