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If you are a fan of albums with themes and great individual songs, you are probably already a fan of Eric Church. This country star who recently won the Album of the Year is also known (according to Great American Country) for "making a record and hoping for singles" as opposed to trying to force a bunch of singles to mean something all together. This is what makes his concerts so inspiring, and fans can catch up with him during the "No Shoes Nation Tour" alongside Kenny Chesney.  This mega tour runs until August 2013, and makes stops in 46 venues in Canada and the United States. (read more below)


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Though only 36, Eric Church has already recorded three top selling albums. His debut generated a ton of attention and three big hits, his second album gave him his first top ten hits, and his latest album has again provided him with success.

Born in North Carolina, by the age of 13 Church was already playing the guitar and making his own music. After graduating from college he made his way to Nashville to seek his shot in the music industry. His particular blend of heavy metal influences and "outlaw" country has made him a very popular performer. He admits that musicians such as Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams Jr. are among his influences, but he also points to British metal band AC/DC too.

While it would be more than enough if Church enjoyed only popular acclaim and success, he has not been ignored by the music industry. He is the recipient of many nominations and awards for his four albums. Since 2011 he has been recognized by the Grammy Awards, the CMA awards and even the American Country Awards among others.

Noted as someone who crafts lyrics with complicated emotions and unique song structures, Church is obviously in touch with the needs of his fan base. He has not once used his success to float mediocre work and even took time off during the height of his first commercial success in order to begin working on his next album. Rather than remaining immersed in the studio, he went to his cabin in the woods, invited his collaborators to visit, and made sure that he had brought himself to a good place before creating more music.

This shows in the tremendous success of his fourth album and in the sensitivity of the work. Whether dealing with social issues or with spirituality, Church's work is honest and true.




















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