Theresa Caputo Tickets

Fans of the supernatural have been drawn to medium Theresa Caputo for many years, and long before her "Long Island Medium" program began to air on TV. Because her gifts require her to interact with people directly, she is often found participating in live events before the public. She currently has a long list of activities scheduled through the end of 2013 with appearances in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania available for fans to attend. (read more below)

Long Island Medium Event Schedule:

What does this medium do when in front of an audience? A psychic blogger and past participant in one of Theresa Caputo's events, Deborah Herman says: "Theresa is very accurate. There is no doubt in my mind, as a mystic-medium myself, that she was connecting with Spirit and was bringing healing and joy to many of her audience members."

Most audiences of the modern era are familiar with what mediums or psychics do. They tend to sit with their fans and wait to feel or sense something. Certain people, such as Caputo, seem to receive even more messages and share them freely with those who are meant to receive them.

Naturally there are many skeptics who might attend such events in order debunk or humiliate the mediums on stage. Fortunately, most professionals are well aware of this sort of negative energy and deal with it in a way that does not degrade the event for the rest of the crowd.

The energy that Caputo shows on TV and in person is the ideal counterweight to any naysayers, and she is often noted for saying that she does not care whether people believe or not in her gifts; she believes in her abilities and freely transmits the messages she receives.

This clearly makes for an entertaining event and Caputo seems to be a true master at doing what are known as "cold readings". This is when she is presented with someone she has never met and about which she knows nothing. She then shares the messages she may receive for them.

Does she ever disappoint? The only time Caputo receives negative feedback is when she is seen as too forceful in her delivery. For example, she recently experienced a tense moment in Boston when an audience member did not want to hear a message the medium received. The crowd grew a bit hostile towards the woman, and Caputo had to finally relent and cease to convey the message received.