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In this era of endless entertainment it might seem odd that a puppeteer and ventriloquist would make it as one of the top performers, but that is precisely the feat that comedian Jeff Dunham has managed. According to an article in Huffington Post, he is a "superstar ventriloquist", but the article also points out that it only came to be after more than a decade of work and touring. Even with his enormous success, he is constantly touring and appearing. He will soon embark on his 2017-2018 "Passively Aggressive Tour" along with his colorful and beloved characters. (read more below)


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How does a guy with a few puppets become one of America's most popular comedians? It begins with a lifelong commitment to the art of ventriloquism. Since the age of 8, when Dunham's parents gave him his first dummy, he has been practicing this unique art form. He admits that he decided by the fourth grade that he was going to work with puppets as a professional career, and he has stuck to this seemingly impossible dream.

By the time he was in his teens he had reached professional levels and was entertaining and competing. He learned that he could say a lot of things that many comedians would have been uncomfortable or not allowed to say, and he could easily deal with difficult audience members and hecklers, through the puppets. He went to college to study communication, but never stopped the ventriloquism. He did shows and hired himself out for private parties. He earned an impressive income and when he graduated he kept on pursuing his goals.

By 1990 Dunham thought he had reached the pinnacle of his career by being invited on the famous "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson", but it did not result in any major offers or opportunities. It would take another 10+ years on the road before he began to attract more acclaim. Several more appearances on "The Tonight Show", and a few years of additional work, and it was only then that "Comedy Central Presents" gave him a show and set him off on his amazing professional success.

Today he is famous in Europe and North America, has sold millions of DVDs, has become a huge YouTube phenomenon, and is considered the third highest earning comedian behind Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock.