Marc Anthony Tickets


During his unique career as a singer, songwriter, and actor, Marc Anthony has accomplished a lot. He was formerly known as the spouse of Jennifer Lopez (aka "JLo") but is also a Grammy winning singer who is known as the highest selling salsa singer of all time. 

American born to parents of Puerto Rican descent, Anthony worked in the background of the music scene as a session vocalist for a few years in his early singing career. By the 1990s he had shifted his vocal style to salsa rather than "freestyle" and was soon recording in this format.

His influences were some of the most recognized names in salsa music, including Juan Gabriel, Ruben Blades, and the world famous Tito Puente. He was fortunate to get in as an opening act with some of the greatest names of the day and by 1995 he would be recognized by Billboard for his work. He would even be credited with recording the first salsa album to make its way into the English language charts, but this caused a rift with Anthony's management and he transitioned over to Sony.

Marc Anthony would join others like Ricky Martin and Enrique Inglesias in bringing the Latino sound to the English speaking markets. This was the period in his career that he recorded his tremendously famous "I Need to Know" and also when he was asked to help his future wife, Jennifer Lopez, with her Spanish recordings.

He continued to make award winning recordings and by 2013 his discography included 13 different albums. He has sold more than 30 million albums and won two Grammy awards and five Latin Grammy's.  He also consistently received awards from Billboard due to his performance, for many years.

His unusual good looks also grabbed the attention of Hollywood, and he has appeared in several popular films and in a few television programs. Unfortunately, his Spanish is so good and his looks so thoroughly Latino that a 2013 singing of "God Bless America" at an MLB game garnered a wave of totally ignorant negative feedback. The singer was forced to defend the fact that (as he stated on "you can't get more New York than me." Let's hope audiences drop this pointless issue and just enjoy this man's amazing music.




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